Design Brief Oskar&Robert

Robert and me work on the same topic - here finally comes our design brief:

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

  • Provide valuable, reliable and helpful content of howto articles
  • Attract advertisers
  • We want to sell articles as on the site to other companies. The site has to be a good example for the quality of the articles, so it works as a showcase

The key users

  • Someone coming from google looking for help for a specific task
  • An advertiser checking the site
  • A potential customer that wants to get an impression of the content

Design principles to follow

  • reliable
  • informative
  • valuable

Greetings from Germany!

Hey @oshaulo my biggest question is what is the content of the site? Before you get advertisers you need good content. Also that random guy from google isn’t probably that random. Based on your content you should have an idea who that person is.

Also the principles should be more adjectives than the design principles that were in the videos (you should be using all of those). Last week I reworded the principles so that it was less confusing (you’re not the first to make this mistake)

Design style guidelines to follow. These are a list of qualities or characteristics (usually adjectives) you&rswuo;d like the design to follow. The more specific you are with these the easier it will be for you to create a compelling design (e.g. don’t use &ldwuo;Clean”). (2-3 words)

If that is still not clear let me know

Thx - I edited the brief.

what is the content of the site

The content are howtos: Simple articles with heading, subheadings, paragraphs, sometimes lists and one ore more images.

Also that random guy from google isn’t probably that random

Someone searching for help about a specific task: For example “How to cut the nails of a cat”
He wants help and he wants it fast.

Also the principles should be more adjectives

  • reliable
  • informative
  • valuable

Does the brief make more sense now? :sunny:

Yup sounds good thanks!