Git rebase -i origin/master

Okay, I am rebasing interactively for the first time in vim… I can see it is asking me “what to do for each item” i.e. pick, reword, etc but I am not sure how to do so tried the :! p <- didn’t work

UPDATE: Nevermind, it was obvious…
:stuck_out_tongue: displays line here, then just hit enter.
rebase continues as normal…

@gzentkovich Sounds like you solved it but if it’s helpful, here’s a short screencast on interactive rebasing with vim:

In it, I use the following vim features:

  • v (visual mode)
  • ctrl-v (visual block mode)
  • A (append to line)
  • :x (write-quit)

Okay Dan, thanks for the visual toot… I had to watch it a couple of times but I think I get it now… I am practicing rebasing more often (even though I am by myself…) for muscle memory purposes =)

Thanks for the quick demo… it clarified what I thought I knew, but really didn’t =)