How to manage a collective knowledge base?

Every day I read a lot of blogs, I bookmark lot of tips, and so on. And when I need one or remember to check an old good practice read somewhere, I’m totally overwhelmed by my huge own knowledge base.
How to manage/rank/prioritize all this stuff? What’s your best practice? and how to centralize this for sharing with your team?

Not sure what the best strategy here is, but you might want to create an Evernote folder and tag aggressively.

I tried Klipt for this for a bit, but in the end didn’t want to add another software piece to my workflow.

I currently store articles I want to read in Pocket, and they are stored even after I read them, but I’ve never dug back through archives in the way you’ve suggested.

I have a client who uses Trello, pretty unsuccessfully to do this.
More recently, he has been using Yammer, the private social network, with aggressive tagging to do this.

We personally use Slack, again with aggressive tagging, to share the knowledge. Tagging is probably the best solution for organizing. Prioritization hasn’t quite been solved yet though. Maybe a rank algorithm would be best here.

I was also looking for a solution to this after going from app to app. Then I just created a github private repo and made myself a wiki. It is cumbersome though. And I still store all my vids on dropbox and link into my wiki.