Learning Vim through a game

I asked a friend for a vim tutorial and he passed me this game which teaches the basics of Vim through game play. It’s a concept I’ve been tinkering with for teaching the fundamentals of ruby so I think its really spiffy, hope this helps someone.

Edit: Just finished the first level and apparently there is a pay wall after the intro but the intro covers movement and word navigation which is useful in of itself.

Ya the game is awesome. I am stuck on level 12.

Read this page for the gist on vim. I loved this after playing viim adventures.


Thanks for the gist! Do you think Vim adventures is worth picking up?

Yes definitely. It won’t make you a pro but it will set you up for that. I hated Vim before but now I feel like using VIM every where. Even while reading a pdf I wish I could use vim commands to navigate :slight_smile:

Thats exactly what I’m looking for, thanks charlieanna :slight_smile: