The Art of Vim: Transitioning to Vim

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It seems pretty odd that you have such an introductory video this far into the sequence, after having already covered more advanced topics like vimscript

@munyari I completely agree with you.

Agree. This covers normal/insert mode, saving, and other very basic commands that should already be familiar with a user this far into the course.

Hello guys, I might be wrong but I believe the video order was decided in this way to show the power of vim before going into everyday concepts, they give interested developers reasons of why vim is a really good editor and an industry leader in many aspects. I am just starting Vim and I come from a traditional text editor and some of the features showed on the first videos WOWd me. Learning about the power of vim in few keystrokes motivated me even more and with this video I know I can learn it real quick. It is just my opinion. Have a nice day.