What Vim trails to watch?


I’m a beginner in Vim, and I’m re-learning it.

The first thing I did was watching the whole “Onramp Vim” trail, it’s great!

Now I’m in doubt if I’ll benefit from watching the “Art of Vim” trail. It’s not clear if they have duplicated content, which one should I watch first, and what I’m supposed to learn from each one.

Can you give me a few hints?

Hello Hugo, great question! The Onramp to Vim is very much a structured course and designed to be watched in sequence, but the Art of Vim is not. Each of the videos in the Art of Vim series is distinct, so feel free to browse through and pick which to watch based on the titles.


Thanks for clearing that up, @christoomey. But what about “Navigating Ruby Files with Vim”? Is it supposed to be watched after “Onramp Vim”? Thank you!

Hi @wiserfirst, I would recommend watching Onramp before any of the Navigating Ruby files videos. They are reasonably advanced and it’s worth getting down the fundamentals first.