My private repository was deleted

I just received two email from GitHub:

The first:

Your private repository estebanrules/test-driven-rails-app1 (forked from thoughtbot/test-driven-rails-app1) has been deleted because you are no longer a collaborator on thoughtbot/test-driven-rails-app1.

The second:

You’ve been removed from thoughtbot, inc…

Is this because I did not do a commit soon enough? Now when I try to access gain access to the repo again, it does not allow me to.

I also got an email saying I’ve been removed from Thoughtbot inc., after two emails saying I’ve been added to upcase & upcase/exercises with links that go to 404 pages on GitHub. What’s going on?

Well at least it isn’t just me. I thought maybe I did something to hurt their feelings.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the confusion here. We’re currently migrating to the newer GitHub organization permissions.

Users are being removed from teams, but you should still have access to everything. If you lose access to something, please email us to let us know.

Wendy and Esteban - I think your access should be restored, let me know if you still can’t see something.

Mine was restored. Thank you.

Mine too. Thanks.