No Ruby category?

I’ve been away for a bit and came back to post a Ruby (not Ruby on Rails) question and can no longer find a Ruby category. Am I just looking in the wrong place?

Weird! I guess we didn’t have one.

I just made it.

We previously removed it because almost everything in it was actually reared to Rails, and we wanted to make the categories on the forum match the topic on the rest of the website, and there was no separation.

Well, it surprised both Jon and me that it didn’t exist, so I will let this fledgling category live!

I recommend making the color match Rails and making it a parent category of Rails.

Oddly, I don’t seem to be able to set a parent for the Rails category (I can for Ruby)…

Ah, it’s because it already has children.

Maybe a slightly different color so that folks don’t continue to confuse the Ruby and Ruby on Rails categories? I don’t know what the implications are of the parent/child relationship, but I for one would prefer to have a Ruby only catregory separate from Rails. “Javascript” and “Backbone.js” are separate categories… right?