Sending Term Signal To Rails Server Process AutoMagically

The ‘kill -INT ruby’ command that was used at 17min 27sec of part one in this course when typed was autoMagically changed into the pid of the ruby server process…
I thought this was cool and didnt know how it happend, is this a special feature of zsh?

I would love to know as I always do ‘ps aux | grep “ruby”’ then have to plug in the pid to my kill command to terminate my rails server process.


Adam Faur

Hey @afaur,

I use oh-my-zsh which provides completions for that. oh-my-zsh handles it here. I’m not sure how you’d get the functionality without using oh-my-zsh.

Hope this helps!

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Yes this is of much help, and thank you for your response.
I enjoyed your intermediate rails course, and when you were able to do this my jaw dropped!
I rewinded the video to make sure I saw correctly =)

I am digging further into zsh and reading up with diligence…

I have added a new book to my buy list…

A railscast to my watch list…
(#308 Oh My ZSH - RailsCasts)

And a blog to my reading list…
(My Extravagant Zsh Prompt / Steve Losh)

Thanks for your response…

All the best!

Adam Faur