Tmux split window and guard-zeus

As can be seen in the attached file, I am running zeus and guard-zeus so that my tests are done quickly. I am using a split pane so that I can see the results quickly. However, as you can see the zeus server info alone takes almost the entire pane size and I still have to scroll the pane to see my error in detail. Is there a way to use zeus but still hide all those zeus related info when running guard?

Edit: seems like the attached image is not shown properly. I tried twice but still no luck. basically my screen is split 80:20 ratio. I am using vim in 80% pane and running guard in 20% pane. Zeus info takes up all screen leaving only little room to show the rspec errors.

Edit2: uploaded the image as per comment below.

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If I understand correctly you are annoyed by zeus start output and from what I see you are running only

bundle exec guard

This will restart the server all the time, what you should do, is to open a new tab in tmux, run in it

zeus start

Go back to your vim tab and in that 20% split tab run

bundle exec guard

Thanks @janukevic for your helpful answer. I’m using guard, guard-zeus, guard-rspec.

guard-zeus setup needs to be done like below, as per GitHub - qnm/guard-zeus: Guard::Zeus automatically starts and stops Zeus, and, through Guard, runs your tests when your files change.

guard init zeus

and running guard automatically starts zeus.

As per your suggestion, if I run zeus start in one terminal and bundle exec guard in another terminal, I get the following error message when starting guard

Unable to accept socket connection. It looks like Zeus is already
running. If not, remove .zeus.sock and try again.

Still guard works fine and I am not seeing the annoying zeus info filling up my guard screen. Just wanted to know if this warning is normal and if there is any way to do this cleanly without warnings?

I never solved the guard-zeus problem. guard-rspec has support for zeus so just follow instructions here

or in short
remove guard-zeus
put guard-rspec into your gemfile
guard init rspec
make your Guardfile look like this

guard 'rspec', zeus: true, bundler: false do

zeus start in another tab, guard in the 20% one and it should work just fine, without any error message about zeus already running.

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thanks @janukevic it works wonderful. Just another question. rspec output is liberally spaced. Is there a way, I can change the format of the output so that it’s bit condensed?

Pick one from here rspec-core/lib/rspec/core/formatters at master · rspec/rspec-core · GitHub or write your own.