Design Brief: Brewery Site

A brief summary of the business / site goals.

Create a platform to explore the breweries of a small city in Oregon. The primary audience is micro-brew enthusiast. The site will feature venue-specific information, recent photos pulled from API’s, brews on tap, a flag ship beer, and potentially commentary from the Brew Master. In addition to location information, the site will contain an interactive guide showcasing ale trails and offer curated tips.

The key users.

Tourist (Mobile Focus): Allow a tourist to search and filter down locations. Examples: searching for IPA’s/Pale Ale’s/Stouts, Happy Hour Times, closest Brewery to a users proximity)

Local (Desktop/Mobile): Provide Bend locals with events and specials. A local will gravitate towards ‘News’ content.

Scenarios in which your app or site will be used.

Tourist: A visitor is on a mobile device searching for breweries, pubs, and/or events in specified city. At a quick glance, the user will be able to view location data and browse the recent photos and tap list(s). They’ll also be capable of looking at a ‘locals’ guide.

Locals: A resident is looking at various events from a News page. It needs to showcase all events within the city, likely competing with each venues social media outlets.

Design style guidelines to follow

• Simple – Eliminate any noise that can potentially disrupt the aforementioned users from achieving a goal
• Authentic – Define a clear voice and identity, make the site feel distinct from any social outlet or location website
• Consistent – Keep a consistent approach throughout the site; allow each location to stand out without an overbearing template feel

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