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Pagination on Giant Robots

(Pedro Moreira) #1

Hello, it might be me being very thick, but it seems there is no pagination in http://robots.thoughtbot.com/ at the moment?

This is very much getting in the way of me consuming some of my favourite content :slight_smile:

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(Dan Croak) #2

Hi Pedro,

You’re right, we don’t have pagination on the blog. We took it away to speed up Middleman builds since we have 1,000+ articles. We wanted to see if anyone noticed / cared / complained. You’re not the only one who has noticed it.

Have you considered navigating by tag? They list all content for that tag. Here are some popular ones:

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(Pedro Moreira) #3

@croaky, thanks for the explanation. I’ve used the tag navigation before, but usually prefer to keep hitting “next”. Not a big issue though, it is all about the content :slight_smile:


(Dolph Mullen) #4

@pedromoreira I noticed that as well. I like to do the ole’ site:robots.thoughtbot.com some_search_term in Google. Works like a charm!

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(Pedro Moreira) #5

@dolphorama, that it does :slight_smile: