Pagination on Giant Robots

Hello, it might be me being very thick, but it seems there is no pagination in at the moment?

This is very much getting in the way of me consuming some of my favourite content :slight_smile:

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Hi Pedro,

You’re right, we don’t have pagination on the blog. We took it away to speed up Middleman builds since we have 1,000+ articles. We wanted to see if anyone noticed / cared / complained. You’re not the only one who has noticed it.

Have you considered navigating by tag? They list all content for that tag. Here are some popular ones:

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@croaky, thanks for the explanation. I’ve used the tag navigation before, but usually prefer to keep hitting “next”. Not a big issue though, it is all about the content :slight_smile:

@pedromoreira I noticed that as well. I like to do the ole’ some_search_term in Google. Works like a charm!

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@dolphorama, that it does :slight_smile: