Six-month contract as a "Sr. Automation Engineer"

I start Monday on an assignment to a Quality Engineering group in downtown San Francisco. I’m not sure where all the titles come from but I’ll be writing Cucumber and RSpec examples to drive development for a very large eCommerce site.

Many thanks to Thoughtbot for Learn and to everyone who’s offered advice and support for all my questions and confusion!


Congrats @JESii

Wow, congrats!

Is it possible for u to share the stories with us? :blush:


Congratulations @JESii!

If by ‘stories’ you mean the code for this assignment, @charlieanna? that would be ‘No’. All the work is under a confidentiality agreement.

not the code. Just the user stories.

Yeah; but also confidential.

@pedromoreira… I just wish my contract was in London like your new job - I love that City!

You’re welcome to visit :slight_smile:

Just checking in to say “Hi”. The first month on this assignmente has been incredibly intense, what with normal start-up questions, a severe lack of documentation / structure which made it difficult to get started, and learning that the project was already way behind and that everyone needed to come with their “A” game now! Welcome to the real world.

Overall it’s been a very positive experience: this is a massive eCommerce retails site (you’ve probably visited the site in tthe past) which is developing a mobile version. As such, we’re working with ihone and Android devices… it’s like drinking from a firehose, but highly rewarding. I’m finally able to deliver some points and move forward, as well as bringing some of my project management skills to bear by examining and documenting necessary processes that we need.

All in all highly rewarding! Thanks again for everyone’s support along the way!