Weekly Iteration - large media file size?

Speaking as someone with little knowledge of compression and media related stuff, it seems that many of the Weekly Iteration videos are quite large in file size (many videos are several years old now so this might not be true for newer videos).

I tried using ffmpeg to compress some of the older videos (I specifically worked with the format under ‘HD MP4’ links) as mentioned on this SE thread and was able to achieve significant size reductions (around 40%) without noticeably reducing quality.

I assume this would save you money but I have no idea if it’d be a worthwhile figure (I’m guessing so). At the very least, it’d improve user experience, right? Is this worth looking into?

It’s beginning to look like Upcase in general is an abandoned project. Their last commit was a month ago, and they haven’t released a weekly iteration in…what, 3 months?

Yeah, I’m hoping that’s not the case and it gets some love soon. From what I gather listening to the podcasts, it sounds like nobody has really taken ownership since Chris shifted roles.

Do you have a link to a specific episode where they talk about that? I’d be interested to hear more. @jdsutherland

@yakschuss IIRC, it was the last episode with Ben - Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots: 240: Handing Over the Reins

Hi @yakschuss! I wanted to respond to your comment about Upcase feeling abandoned.

My name is Jason Ramirez. Since Chris shifted roles at thoughtbot, I’ve stepped in as the interim product owner, but with pretty limited time. Ben Orenstein has also left the team. He talks about his decision and next steps in this Giant Robots episode.

Our immediate goal has been to restructure the Upcase team so we can continue to deliver great content and build the community. At this time, we have taken a hiatus on the Weekly Iterations, but we have every intention to bring them back in the near future.

We have also been working on some new trails. We will be releasing a Neovim trail very soon, followed by an Intermediate Rails trail. We also have some other content in the works :slight_smile: